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Modern Equipment

Retro Fitness Club is equipped with most modern equipment that can help you to be healthier and get in shape efficiently and effectively. All equipment is easy to understand and simple to use, eliminating the risk of getting injured.



Our professional trainers work with their clients individually to create plans for achieving your Personal Fitness Goals. They are very friendly and train their clients with the best methods, making sure you get in shape and don't get injured in the process.



The club provides body measurement analysis and the perfect healthy diet plan according to your body needs. It is said that diet is a significant factor in the process of getting into shape while working out.

We’ve skill in wide range of fitness and Other body health facility.

Retro Fitness Club is not just a gym. It is way more than that. The Fitness Club provides classes such as Bollywood Dance, K-Pop Dance, Yoga, Boxing, Cardio, TRX, Circuit, Martial Art, etc. to train your body, mind, and soul to get into shape more than just one way. We have professional coaches and trainers to aid in accomplishing your goals.

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Our Services

We offer more than 35 group exercis, aerobic classes each week.


Weightlifting is a type of strength training for developing your strength and size of skeletal muscles. The fitness club has Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells, and equipment for effective Weightlifting.


Cycling is a form of cardio workout that helps to strengthen your lower body, including your legs, hips, and glutes. Cycling machines are provided in the club premises for our members.


Yoga meditation aids in improving their mental and emotional health. It has numerous benefits to our body and mind, such as helps calm your mind, fight addiction, control pains, stress & anxiety, improve sleep, and decrease blood pressure.

Building body

Bodybuilding has such a great and healthy impact on muscle, bones, and joints.

Fitness Track

Track your Fitness with our modern Body analysis machine that shows all about your body status.


Our club have various activities and classes especially for you to join in. Class schedules are posted in our Facebook page constantly so be sure to follow our Facebook page and click the see first button.

Popular Courses

We offer more than 14 group exercises, Aerobic Classes each week.


Mentor : Lei


Mentor : J Klay Cho


Mentor : Ko Ye Paing

Bollywood Dance

Mentor : Moe Thuzar Myint Oo