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What we are

About Us

Retro Fitness Club is a health, wellness, and fitness center that offers variety of programs all fitness levels. We deliver effective fitness experiences that enable our members to Train Different" equipment, group classes and personal training.

We are here to help you achieve your fitness goals effectively.


Why CHoose us

Different rooms

The rooms for exercising and classes are different, which provides a modified experience for both groups. People who don't want to join certain classes may simply workout in the exercise room

Hygienic and cleanliness premises

Exercising needs much breathing, which means the environment around the premises needs to be clean and hygienic. Our friendly staff are always cleaning the club premises to give customers a tidy, clean and hygienic fitness area to work out.

Day offs

Each membership package subscription comes with particular day offs so that you can join back to gym without affecting your full membership period.

Fun and variety of classes

The Club has a variety of super fun courses that helps you to relieve stress and burn calories.

Professional Friendly Trainers and Helpful Staffs

The club always make sure to create the best customer experience possible to you.

Online payment

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