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Body Analysis

Every package comes with number of Body Analysis that will be provided to you. It is crucial to know about your body before working out to know which exercises are most effective to your body.


Meal and Diet plans

The professional trainers from the Club will perform a body analysis to customers and provide a full meal and diet plans according to your needs and goals. Diet plans are essential to get you from where you are to what you want to be.


Cold drink & Water dispenser

Cold drink fridge and water dispenser are provided in the club premises, and customers can purchase refreshments in front of the reception.


Personal locker, Tower and Hairdryer

The club provides a personal locker and tower to each member at the reception counter. Hairdryer


Fitness Supplement Stall

The Fitness supplements are available to purchase inside the club premises. The products are directly from USA with FDA approve status so customers can consume them without getting any health risk.



The Club provides Free WIFI to every member of our club, making sure you stay connected with your friends and family. Not to forget, do post your pictures on social media platform and make sure to check-in Retro Fitness Club as well on Facebook.


Best Indoor Sound System

The Club is equipped with the best sound system, creating best indoor sports environment and experience for you. We know that the right music creates a motivational atmosphere that can help you throughout your workout.